viernes, enero 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Today is December, 31 and we have the coolest tradition here in Spain, which is eating twelve grapes to the count of the twelve strokes that mark the end of the year. It might seem silly, some sort of superstitious bullcrap, but it is actually one of the few things I do miss when I'm not in Spain.

The moment when you're eating the grapes is the greatest. It's a moment you spend with family and/or friends, there's always the same 80's song on, and you gather in front of the TV (if you're not at the main square or at some party) to listen for the thousandth time to how the whole thing works. It is a moment of sharing, friendship, love and hope. And I say hope in the widest sense it can have. Because you always wish for things to happen in the new year, but you also cling to the mistery: what will this new year bring? Will I be able to start on a clean slate? Will this finally be the year where everything comes together in perfect harmony?

What I like the best is the moment right after, when you kiss and hug everybody in the room, when you share something we all have in common. It makes you feel you are a part of something.

All of this to tell you that this year I've thought we could give a twist to all this. This year, when I'm more aware than ever of all the things I have, when I couldn't be more thankful for how lucky I am, I've thought about something I read months ago. Back then I found it peculiar, but I didn't give it much thought. It's all about wanting things, really want them in order for them to come true, like calling them. And also to be thankful. Everyday give thanks for whatever you think it's worthy to be thankful for.

As this year I'm way too filled with love and gratitude and all, I'm going to wish for something with every grape I eat, but really, really wish for it. The trick is that those wishes can't be for you, but for other people. For example, with the first grape/stroke, I wish for all the people who's gonna spend the night alone to feel my good vibes and the warmth of the love. With the second grape/stroke, I wish for all of those who are sick, to feel better tonight, at least for a while. And so on til twelve. It is not complicated. You don't even have to articulate all that (not even in your head). You just need to picture whatever you want to transmit in your head and send it with all your might.

You may also do it with 'thank-you's', but deeply felt thanks. First grape: I give thanks for all my family. Second grape: I give thanks for all my friends. Third grape: I give thanks for the salesperson at the market down the street, because he always saves the best tangerines for me... I don't know. It's just that it feels like the best time to think about all the people around you, to feel the moment you're living and really see all the love there is in the world, which is there for you to receive and give back, if it may be, multiplied.


Today's song: Lucky, by Jason Mraz and Colby Caillat.

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