martes, junio 14, 2005


Today's the day of "Let's Keep Jana Awake No Matter How". There's some sort of cosmic conspiration for keeping me awake today.
Last night I went to bed quite late cause I had work to do. I went late to bed when I finished BECAUSE it was late, not because I wanted to. And just because of that it took me almost an hour to fall asleep. At the beginning, it happened what always happens in that kind of situation, my eyes kept opening on me and I don't know if you've ever tried to sleep with your eyes opened, but it doesn't work!! When I had just fallen asleep and I was dreaming of some psychopath or something, our dearest little terrorist kitty decided it was time to play and we had to get up and play with her. She started miaowing, walking up and down the hallway, miaowing, sitting by our bedroom door and almost physically getting her miaowing lips UNDER the door. At some point during her lettany of miaows, the Gaudí calendar we have on the wall (which I didn't discovered until this morning), fell. It was a "kaboom!" kinda sound and, although I don't know how it sounds a cat when it explodes, I really thought for a second there that the cat had exploded, that I had to be cleaning cat chunks from the walls all day today, and that that was why she had shut the fuck up at that precise moment. With the bump (the explosion), my heart beat speeded up and, obviously, it wasn't going any slower as I thought of the cat chunks on the wall. But just as I calmed down and was again falling on Morpheus' sweet arms, Vania got scared in his dreams and kicked the bed. I thought my heart was going to burst and I woke up again.
I managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours before my obedient Vania came to wake me up, as I told him last night not to let me sleep in. I was ragging!! I just wanted to cry and kick the crap outta someone! If only had I had the strength... After asking him to let me sleep a little longer, I convinced my sleep (cause it has a personality of its own) that it hadn't been a real interruption and that it could keep dreaming on. Just when I came back to my "man with cigar selling illegal CD's while on boat" dream (!!!), the phone rang. I tried to go back to sleep, but then the worst, the only thing that makes me roll out of bed, ocurred: my "morning runny nose". Who the hell invented allergies?? I damn him. Hhhmmpff!!

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