lunes, junio 27, 2005

The terrorist cat

Well, this is the terrorist cat. I know she doesn't look like it here, and that she even may look cute, but you just can't imagine what she is capable of. She can run all over the house, skidding on the woodboard floor, and then jump on the table and snatch a whole fried egg from the plate. She has gotten used to waking me up when I'm dozing off for more than ten minutes. She comes and miaous and bites me. She almost took my eye yesterday. But then we've discovered we have several animals in her, and that's good cause you save a lot of money and you get to enjoy them all. She is a cat (obvious) and she miaous like it (I can guarantee you that), but then she's a little bit of a dog. She is cause sometimes she drops herself on the floor as she had narcolepsy, and also because I play with her, tossing her a plastic lid and then she brings it back... like a doggy. Then she is a little bit of a parrot, too. You pick her up and she stays on your shoulder. (The part where I say "es araña", it's no fun in English. The funny part lays in the fact that "araña" is spider and the verb to scratch at the same time... I know, is silly). And she's a monkey. When she's on the Warner hour (that's a whole different story), she likes climbing on the back of the chairs and she hangs on there, just as monkeys do. Well, we are entertained for sure. And now even more, cause she has diarrhea.

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