domingo, agosto 07, 2005


For a long time I've thought that americans where assholes with no brains, and actually they didn't do anything to contradict that. But lately, we've been watching a show that's making me changing my mind. I'm realizing that, even in serious disadvantage, there is a small portion of american population who doesn't spend their time sticking pointy things in their body orifices or driving their pick-ups with half an arm out of the window and a can of beer in one hand.
I had already read the articles that Noam Chomsky writes, but I always thought he was the black sheep in the herd, that nobody heeded him. But the other day, he appeared on the Bill Maher's show. This is the show we've been watching, and I have to say that I feel relieved seeing that there are some upright people, even in the most unexpected places.

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