miércoles, agosto 24, 2005

Vacation and friends

Not long ago, my friends and I have organized a trip. Since we finished our studies we don't see each other as much as we'd like and we don't want to lose contact by any means.
The idea of going on trips together came up when we went to Egypt. There we all were (well, almost all of us, an important one was missing), basking on the sun, enjoying the boat, the good food, the hikings visiting incredible things, the strides on faluca, the camel convoys and that unbelievable landscape in the middle of February, right after the exams. It seemed like the time had stopped and we were stuck in a dream.
In that trip, we discovered we were better friends than what we thought, we liked being around each other, we loved to gossip and have tea while the hours passed. That's why we organized the trip to Germany last March. That's why we've gone to this trip in August. To tell the truth, it's been quite brief (never said better), but in this new adventure, we've realized that the true friendship is when you spend a year apart from each other and when you meet again, it's like that time apart never happened. This post is for my buddies, cause we all are a pineapple and we will always be together, even though some of you are sometimes running wild or your duties keep you away for a while. Besides, no one should ever think we travel anywhere. We choose our destinations with love and care, they are selected, both national and international. Where will we go on our next adventure?

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