lunes, diciembre 19, 2005

Pics & Dreams

I dreamt the other day that my friend Andrea lived in Canada instead of in Asturias, in the north of Spain. Suddenly, as in all dreams, the fact that she lived in Canada seemed perfectly logical and normal. Even the fact that her parents had an northern accent while living in Vancouver was totally normal.
In my dream she had finished studying all she's studying and she was looking for a job. As she now lived in Canada it looked like a good chance to me to tell her that there's a lot of translation jobs in Canada and that we should start a business there. She agreed and in order to do all the paperwork, I moved to her place.
Here's where the wonder of dreams comes in place...
I took a bus and got to her house in a few hours (!!!). When I got there, I greeted everyone and, as she spoke on the phone, I looked out the window and saw (!!!!!!) part of the ski runs that they have in Van north, as if there was a chroma. It was like a very regular sight. Me, in a fourth floor of an northern Spanish home, looking out the window and seeing the snowy trees and perfectly shaped ski runs of Vancouver, more than 5,000 miles away from there.
The best part was when, in the middle of the dream, something made me remember she doesn't live in Canada but in Asturias, and everything came back to normal, except for the tiny detail that I still could see Vancouver out the window.
Andrea, do you have a poster of Canada sticked outside your window back home?
As you can see, even in my dreams I do think we have a professional future...
I have pretty weird dreams lately and the truth is that I'm spooked cause it's been a while since they were SO weird.
The last I remember waking up thinking "Wow!" was one in which I was a cashier in a big market and there was only weird people going to my checkout. Nature freaks like tattooed children, dismembered dads and moms victims of some nuclear holocaust. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of a song...
I know lots of people think dreams are the reflect of what we really think of the world but I hope it doesn't apply to my case, cause it may mean I should be locked up. Opinions aside, I hope it's not the case.
The year I lived in Canada I was often asked in what language I thought and, even though it might sound odd, I thought both in Spanish and English. Whenever I though of things about my parents or Spain, I thought in Spanish. But when it was something that had happened in Canada, I always thought in English. Well, it's the same with dreams, although sometimes there's weird stuff. My dreams sometimes have a lot to do with languages, I guess because of my affinity to them. Sometimes, mostly with nightmares, I don't understand anybody and they don't understand me either. Some other times, even when I'm in a country I don't even know what they speak, I speak and they understand. That's cool.
Lately, when I dream of snowboarding, I dream in English. Sometimes I dream I talk to my parents in English and they, poor them, don't understand a word that comes out of my mouth and I get very frustrated cause it's so obvious what I'm telling them (!!!).
Anyways, I invite you to share the linguistic curiosities of your dreams or your dreams themselves. I'll always be conforted by the idea of not being the only person with the dreams of a creep. Hehe.

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