lunes, abril 03, 2006


I don't have much free time lately, as you may have seen, but I'm trying to get some progress done. Now I'm trying to figure out how to set up categories within the blog so you can surf easier through it, besides the ol' monthly archive.
I haven't got anything yet cause the stuff I've found doesn't work as I'd like (that's the other glitch. Doesn't it have to work properly, it does have to work for ME, obviously). Instead, you see I've added a new gadget so you can see my pics in Flickr.
Well, this post was to tell you that whenever I set up categories, I will have one dedicated to discoveries. They may be new interesting pages or stuff about all those things that you may classify as 'useless knowledge'.
This week I have discovered two of those pages... well, actually is one with two parts. The page is called "Curioso pero inútil" (sorry, it's only in Spanish), and its sister "Curioso pero de letras". They're two pages about all those things I like, curious things that are completely useless. Those things that never help you in life but they make you understand the world better and, why not? give you subject to talk about.
Well, they're there and I recommend you check 'em out.

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