domingo, julio 30, 2006


Maybe you've noticed that I've set a button with an email address at the top of the sidebar so you can write to me and ask me stuff.
I have found that button here. Nexodyne, this nice person, has set a button generator whatever your email server may be. In my case, that is Gmail, but you can see there are lots of servers where you can choose from.
As I've taken advantage of this service, I mention it here, so you can all see that you may find all sorts of things in the Internet. You just have to know where to look.
Now, for all of you who don't know how to do it, I'm going to write the piece of HTML that you have to put on your template so you can have the button in your page. You have to put the piece of HTML where you want it to appear within your page.You set that wherever you want your button to appear and you're all set.

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