sábado, abril 02, 2005

Da Pope

The Pope's dying.
For some people, this is a tragedy... in fact, for a lot of people, I guess, cause they're all looking at his window as if the poor ol' chap, all sick and all, was gonna show up 20 years younger and without Parkinson. To some others, it don't matter, although I think it leaves nobody unconcerned. We always fear what's unknown... Will we have another Pope? I guess, but Who? will he be better? worse? Right now we have to deal with priests in our country saying that homosexuals can only go to heaven if they repent their sins. What does that mean exactly? It's like saying that women can only go to heaven if they repent from being women... I just don't get it. Besides, they don't decide who goes to heaven and who doesn't, so I don't think they're the ones to say who has to repent what. Maybe, at the end, it'll be them who will have to repent from being such a bunch of intolerant pricks, who knows.
Well, the Pope's dying, but let's see if that happens. Maybe they'll leave him hooked to a respirator for 15 years just because they can't let go. What a world!

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