lunes, mayo 16, 2005


We've been hearing about the globalization for a few years now. Globalization this, globalization that, meetings about the globalization,... But, what's the globalization? The Webster's Online Dictionary says that it is "a social change, an increase in connections among societies and their elements". Well, maybe it is so.
We have always had an adventurous spirit, as human beings, curious and nosey, always looking for the surge of adrenaline. At first it was the sheer adventure (maybe the word was invented then) of getting on board, spending months sweating blood and hoping to see if you get somewhere neat. Then, when everything was discovered, it was the only pleasure of going and seeing what others had already seen; to get to those far (or near) places that everybody talked about, experiment it directly. We travel, we move, we meet different people, we try foods and tastes we had never even dreamt of and, from all that, we get the globalization. From the fact that I live in Madrid and somebody asks me if I speak Spanish; from the fact of being in Madrid and I can get stuffed with delicious Indian or Japanese food, served by a real "aboriginal" and cooked with all care and dedication of those who share their knowledge; from the fact of being able of buying an instrument here or there that's only made somewhere else.
What a wonderful world we have. We know how to get together but not mix, and when we do mix, it's all for the pure love and thirst of adventure of watching what we get from the mixture!

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