miércoles, julio 13, 2005

Good kitty

Today I had to leave the terrorist cat home alone all day. At first it's not a problem, I've left her alone several times and she just sleeps until I come back, so she's no danger. But today it was different. I got scared yesterday cause she overcomes architectural barriers, meaning she can jump up to the kitchen counter. That is dangerous cause usually there's food on it and the sole purpose of this little terror is eating everything that gets on her way, including fruit and vegetables, something unseen in cats. As she jumps on top of things, she now eats toilet paper from the bathroom counter as well. Well, today's problem was that I didn't realize she got locked in the bedroom. I thought she was in the bathroom, where she usually stays with all her stuff. But today she got locked in. The surprising thing comes from the fact that she's been locked in for 12 hours and she hasn't even pissed all over the place... good kitty!!

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