miércoles, julio 27, 2005

I'm sorry

Today I've taken some pics that I have to upload here, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the cat, subject of my pics, cause she didn't stop miaowing for help while I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. I'm sorry for myself, cause right now all the pet associations of the world must be charging me for psychological damage to my pet cat. And I'm sorry for He Who Holds the Cat While I Take Pictures, for all the scratches he's gotten. All this is because we're trying to get the cat used to the water, so she doesn't see it as a threat, but something normal and natural and nothing to be scared of. Tigers bathe of their free will, but our cat only gets into the (empty) washing machine of her own will. All about the bath is on us. At the end, after all the trauma, here she is, licking herself as if possessed by some evil force just to comb her hair right where it was. Only now she'll be puffier, brighter and her neck will smell wonderfully, as every time we bathe her.

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