jueves, septiembre 08, 2005

New Orleans

I'm listening to the news and they're talking about Katrina.
On the one hand I remember what Bill Maher said. He said it seemed normal to him that nobody wanted to evacuate when a tornado was announced because they named them with such stupid names. If they were called "the killer" or "the bonebreaker", sure people was gonna get the hell outta there and we wouldn't have to cry for the dead.
On the other hand, I see what's happening and I just can't believe it. The United States, the most powerful country in the world. A few days ago I said that maybe they'll suffer what they refuse to see happening to anybody else, but I was totally wrong. I don't know if they've gotten to imagine the suffering of those who lived the tsunami last year, or those who were there on the earthquakes down in South America or Turkey, but I do know that those who've suffered it weren't the ones supposed to learn from it. This kind of stuff should happen to George W. Bush, to his dad, to Cheney, to those who, even though New Orleans is one of the most important economic centres in North America, aren't doing anything cause it's a black city. The only thing they've done is sending the national guard to shoot anyone who robs. The only ones who've gotten out of town in huge buses, and not even all of them, were white. I think it's shameful. Those, the ones who ask black people to go to their wars to fight for their country, the ones who ask for patriotism and loyalty to their flag, they're the same ones who are leaving them there to die like rats, surrounded by water, without food, fresh water, or hospitals and with diseases, the ones they ask you to be free of when you're trying to live in their country. For them to die like rats, like niggers, like what they are.
I find very sad that these things still happen in the XXI century in what we call "developed" countries. When these things happen somewhere else, we find it normal cause they're developing or undeveloped countries, or they're too worried about important things, like not dying, to discriminate anybody.
When faced to this, there's only one thing I can do: to curse Bush and all his family. That man hasn't do anything right since he got there, even though people keep voting for him. Maybe thanks to Katrina and all those dead soldiers, next time they'll think twice about who they're voting for. It makes me furious when people vote for that retard because he scared them with terrorism and they don't realize the biggest terrorist is the one they voted for. It's a pity.
I include a little article for you to learn why New Orleans is so important not only for the North American but for the global enconomy.
This post is dedicated to those who, today, are unlucky enough to be a U.S. "citizen". This is a cry out loud for you all, so this doesn't happen ever again to you or anybody else.

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