martes, octubre 11, 2005


It's started to rain, at last. Today, October 10th, fall has come. It was time already. People was getting used to wearing short-sleeved shirts and spending the whole day here at the patios, fucking around.
The rain has come, to clean that disgusting black hat that we had over Madrid, to take away all that crap that people litter the streets with, to clean our souls from the summer spirit that had settled within ourselves and didn't want to leave.
I'm very happy it's raining. If it rains, it start to be cold, and after coldness, the winter maked its entrance. I love winter. I wish this would be like last winter, very cold, with snow and all. I hope I can go snowboarding this year and enjoy the snow differently. It snowed last year in the city, but it's not the same because it normally doesn't snow in Madrid. It doesn't stay and it doesn't snow for long. I love those places where they get tons of snow, where the sky turns white and enormous flakes start falling slowly. When it snows like that is like a blanket over the place, a blanket of peace, of silence. Snow muffles up all noises and you feel you're closer than ever to nature. I love those places. I want to go back there.

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