viernes, noviembre 18, 2005


I haven't been posting too much lately cause I've decided to design my own web page, and I need to learn for that. Up until now, I haven't gone too far because I don't know a thing about it and I have to start from scratch.
I do know the first thing is deciding what to say in it and how you want it to look. There I got my very first problem, cause my humble person and decision are not two things that go together very often.
After giving it a lot of thought, I know now what I want to say, but I still don't know how I want it to look. It is very difficult indeed.
The first thing I've got into has been experimenting with Photoshop, software I only used to use for THE one thing only. Now I know how to do some stuff. I can show you a couple of them.
And apart from that, I'm learning CSS, which is the language it's used now to shape up the layout of pages as far as text looks is concerned, position, colour, etc. I just know how to do some stuff, although I've learned the very basics of tags and I'm slowly getting there, which you may have noticed in this page. If you haven't noticed is because you weren't paying attention... smarten up!!
Well, step by step. Whenever I get some more stuff done, or even the whole web page ready, I'll let you know (you can count on the fact that I'll be excited enough about it to bug you as soon as I get any further with this... hehehehe). There, enjoy!

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