sábado, enero 28, 2006

Miss Ignorance Poopalot

Once upon a time, there was a moustachy lady called Miss Ignorance Poopalot. This good woman had a very simple and basic rutine. In the morning, as soon as the sun poke down the corner of the window, she streched her muscles, washed her face and sang. She sang anything that came to her mind in that moment, although the real problem was that she performed her tunes so loudly, she woke up every neighbour in the building. Then, when she had made sure there wasn't any neighbour left to be awaken, she went to get breakfast. Oh, how she loved breakfast! She loved it more than anything in the world, much much more than washing her face, singing or waking up the neighbours. As soon as she sat at the bowl, with all those crunchy cereals, she got so happy, she hummed while eating.
When all the cereals were gone, she liked looking out the window for a long time, so she could find out about the things that went on the neighbourhood. She sat at the window, very still and quiet, until she decided she had found out what she needed to know. Then, a little nap, which is always welcomed, to recover her strength.
Miss Ignorance had some friends, although sometimes she didn't feel like seeing them or talking to them. Her friends didn't like that and they asked her a million questions to see if she was ok and why she didn't want to be with them. That bothered her more, and then she asked heaven to take her or her pest friends. Miss Poopalot looked up, rolled her eyes and showed that face some people show when they don't want to be with the people they're with but they cannot leave, or that face when you really need to go to the restroom but you cannot be excused. Well, Miss Ignorance Poopalot ended up having to make up to her friends every day so they kept being her friends. What a terrible task! Sometimes they got so mad at her they didn't want to talk to her for days, but at the end they always forgave her and kept visiting her.
When she had spent all her strength in reconciliation, she had to take another nap... having friends is very tiring, they need so much attention!
At night, she ate some more and then it was time already to go to bed. Miss Ignorance thought the day passed by so fast, but she always went to sleep looking forward the next day so she could have breakfast again...
See you next time!

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