jueves, marzo 23, 2006


Ook, ook, I know I said in my last post I was going to try and update the blog at least once a week, but I just can't find the time. Besides, I'm going through a non-creative phase, but that has material enough to write another post altogether...
I want to talk about something else in this post, about a piece of news, about history.
I'd thought about it some other time, but today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS. I know I'm talking gibberish here, but I'll explain now.
One day, September 11th, 2001 specifically, I was in Whistler, Canada, when I saw on tv how the second plane crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers and a little later, they collapsed. I remember the smoke and the hole the other plane had caused to the other tower and I remember I said, "Wow! How are the firemen gonna get all the way up there?". A few seconds later, the second plane crashed into the tower and I, in that precise moment, realized I was witnessing the history of the world. We could never erase that from the annals of history. How many people have witnessed a historical fact in their lives? How many people can say they have lived a moment that has changed the course of life as they knew it? I find it overwhelming. In that moment of realization you really feel you're part of the world. You realize that even though you may feel you don't share the same roots as the rest of the human species, you have to admit you belong to it.
Well, today that happened to me again. Surprisingly, in these times when young people is apathetic, unmotivated, unwilling to do anything, without anything to fight for, I have witnessed again a chapter of the History of the World. When my children or grandchildren (!!!) come to me for an explanation of whatever it says on their history textbooks, I will be able to tell them "I was there" or "I was doing this and that when that happened".
Today, my dear friends, the Spanish terrorist group ETA has communicated they are doing a "permanent ceasefire". I know lots of people aren't convinced at all. In fact, the first thing I've said was "what for? so they can rearm again?". But oh well, it looks like there's no going back; we'll see. This is a huge thing in the history of Spain. This people have been stricking fear into people's hearts for a very long time, longer than I have been in this world, and that's a lot. When mister Bush cried for the terrorist act on the twin towers, we had been crying for the victims of ETA for many years. The fact that this people has said on tv that they're not going to do it again is very important. I'm sure it has a lot more depth and angles to it than I could give it or even imagine, and more to the people living in the Basque Country, but I can only say one thing: IT WAS TIME.
So, from this humble blog, I congratulate all Spaniards and those who have spent their lives fighting for freedom.

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