sábado, septiembre 23, 2006


Well, I'm always writing stuff about Spain so foreign people who read this can catch a glimpse of Spanish culture. But today, I'm gonna do it the other way around.
I don't know if any Spaniards remember the old Sesame Street, the one they showed when I was little, with its nice characters. Back then they still showed Count von Count, Bert and Ernie, Grover and the Cookie Monster. Well, in North America they still show that kind of Sesame Street, more along the lines of what kids need to see in order to learn to count, their abc's and all that stuff. Here, it came a time when Sesame Street started to follow social patterns a little. Big Bird was a female here for some reason, at least at the beginning, but then it had a sex change operation and became a male. And then the other characters started getting more retarded with every episode. Straighting up. In North America there's a character in Sesame Street who's gotten so popular among kids it has its own section. Its name's Elmo and he's kinda like Grover, but red and veeeerryyyyy sweet. He's so, so, so sweet, the instant he speaks you get cavities all over and your face gets all sticky. But, oh yes, he's so very cute.
In order to soothe every infant and to give'em something to hold on to when they go to bed, a toy company has invented "Tickle me Elmo", even though it sounds more like "Cracking up Elmo". I will leave you here with a video for you to laugh for a while. He has a very contagious laughter.


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