lunes, octubre 09, 2006

Nephew-ness II (well... niece-ness)

Well, it's October already and it's almost time. Nadia is about to be born and I realized the other day that I'm quite excited about it. I'm gonna be an aunt... I'm gonna have a niece!! It's almost unbelievable. My brother says that the last ultrasound was incredible, that she's gonna be beautiful, but I can't trust him... he's the dad, what else can he say!
I know I'm excited about her being born cause I have already imagined everything we're going to do together in the next 15 years... that leaves quite a margin to think about the following 15 years, I think. But the thing is that she's not even born yet and I'm already thinking about where I am going to take her for her 15 birthday... Do you think it's too much? The Man who Works a Lot says I should relax a little, it's still a long way to go, but I know it's going to feel like I don't spend enough time with her, that there's still a lot to show her, a lot for her to see, to experiment... I guess it's like a second chance to experiment the world.
I suppose the worst thing that could happen is if she turns out to be an idiot (you have to contemplate every possibility). Because that's a huge problem, what if your own children (indirectly for me, in this case) is an idiot, if you can't stand him? There's always the possibility of choke him or eat him with taters, but I've heard it's not the best option in lots of cultures :0( In this case, I always have the option of sending the kid back to her mamma, although it'd be tough anyway.
At first you're always happy with the family you have because you can't do anything about it, pretty much. But then, as you get older, you realize they don't have to be nice people just because they're relatives, you can even think they're way too stupid, even. But then, as you get even older, you realize we all have our share of bad things and we are not necessarily the nicest people to our relatives either. That's what happens with personal relationships (or relationshits, as I heard the other day). The difference between family and other kind of relationship is that you don't choose 'em, they're 'given' to you. And oh, well, it's what's got to be.
But going back to what I was saying, and even though I think we are all born with our little personalities, it's always our parents and our world that shape it. So, parents of the child, please, make the most amazing girl in the world. Please.

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