viernes, diciembre 22, 2006

It's a boy!

Again, dear blogreaders, I'm here to announce that my little violin has a name at last. His name's Jascha.
I'll explain. I've been looking for a suggestive Romanian name, cause the violin was made in Romania. But all famous Romanian violin players have names like George and Petru and things like that and I didn't think my little violin seemed the kind of violin that's called George. So I kept searching and I came across a very famous violin player of the 20th century called Jascha Heifetz. This man was born in Lithuania when this country still belonged to Russia. He started playing the violin when he was just 3 years old because his dad gave him his first violin. At the early age of 6, he performed for the first time in front of a big audience, playing the Mendelsson's concert for violin. At age 9, he moved to St. Petersburg to study at the Imperial Conservatory, and there he became a student under the reknown Leopold Auer. At age 12 he was a reputed violin virtuoso and he was performing all over Europe. In 1917, when the revolution started, he left for the States and never came back. There he debuted at the Carnegie Hall on October 27th, 1917. In 1925 he obtained the American nationality and he died there on December 1987.
So, there, no mythological names of any sort. I could have named him Fernando or Michael, but there are things around the house with those names already.

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