martes, diciembre 12, 2006

The Red Violin

Dear blogreaders,
I'd like you to meet my precious violin.
My folks have given it to me for my birthday, and the Man Who Works So Much has given me a self teaching method book. I think I'm gonna get him a pair of earplugs for Christmas, for he's already suffering both my parents' and his gift.
I've always been a music lover, mostly because of my parents, and so I can't understand people that doesn't listen to music at all. I think my definite passion for violin came with the beautiful movie The Red Violin, which I highly recommend to any music lover and/or language lover, cause there's people speaking in five languages in the movie.
Well, after a long time thinking how could I get myself a violin, I finally have one and I'm completely in love with it. That's why I take it out for a while every day and I practice. Right now it seems like I'll never know whether the violin is out of tune or it's just me because I play awfully. So far I've learn to grab the arch (which is not easy, by the way), to play each of the four strings, three different positions for one of the strings (I'm already getting calluses on my fingers) and a few little super dooper tacky songs. But I'm sooooo happy...
Right now I only have one thing left to do, and for which I ask for your help... what name should I give it? As you may know, I name everything, even my pots and pans or the fridge, so this wonderful little thing won't go without one. I admit suggestions. In fact, please tell me all the names you can think of. I will reward you by NOT playing for the person who gives me the right name... hehehehehe.

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