miércoles, enero 24, 2007


I'm the worst. I've been wanting to get down to write something, here or anywhere else, for days but it's like always: when I have the creative inspiration, I lack the time. It's always the same. The more workload I have and the more burdened I am, the more things I can think of. And then things happen. I note down the stuff so I don't forget and I can write them or do them whenever I have the time, but that never ever happens. Why? Lazyness? Could be. Some other reason? Duh! Cause the more time I have on my hands, the less inspiration!! It may not seem so, but it has a lot to do. The lack of inspiration blocks me altogether. Luckily, the times when I have a bigger workload are increasingly more frequent, and thus inspiration comes more often. Even though it's useless. The world will never know how very much creative I could be...
But it has its things. Lack of inspiration and less workload are always side to side with the fact that I don't feel like listening to music. At least not the kind that I listen to (the kind the Man who Works So Hard listens to, I hear even if I don't want to).
And well, that's it. I'm the worst, when I at last have the inspiration, I'm not even capable of creating an opening for myself to prove it is so.

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