miércoles, junio 06, 2007

City repairs and Kyoto

We've had elections for the municipality just a few days ago and all of us who live in Madrid have noticed several things: that there are more city repairs than ever that, misteriously, are being finished way faster than usual. And that all repairs that are finished, don't work.

The other day we were counting the new metro stations that have been opened. Between December last year and last month, nothing less than 43 stations have opened. That's quite a lot. For a while, the only thing you could hear in the news was how bad those stations worked, how dangerous the new trains are supposed to be, and what a huge battle the council and the community have engaged in to show who has paid for what. Then they have opened a couple of those freeway tunnels that have been under construction for years and that have been driving everybody crazy. And damn! that's bad luck! just the day they open the tunnel, all bright and new, starts raining cats, dogs, buckets and everything as if we
had the monsoon here, and the tunnel floods!!! But I'm not saying just a couple of puddles, you put a bucket underneath and that's it. No, no. There was a waterfall, three-meter-deep water, a man about to drown... well, the whole nine yards.

All those constructions are supposed to make our lives easier. We suffer some time of inconveniences, but then everything is more modern, better, and it cheers us up. A little like Sim City, but way more boring. Anyways, there are a few out there that don't think the same. If you don't believe it, look what I found the other day...
(Lil' explanation for the non-Spanish speakers:
"What would happen if nothing happened?"
Handwritten: "We would comply with Kyoto!")


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