jueves, noviembre 06, 2008

Yes, we can

In a delirious night, while I stuggled between pain and fever, with a dry mouth and chills going down my back, Obama was elected President.

For an instant I held my breath while he went up that stage in Grand Park, in Chicago, and gave that great speech. He talked about that 106-year-old woman who has seen it all, who has suffered herself having to sit down in the back of a bus, who was both discriminated against because she was a woman and she was black. For her, he said, for her and for all of you we are here tonight. I know you haven't done it for me, you've done it for yourselves, because you were ready for a change. And we will be together in this, I will listen to you, I will be honest with you, and I will be your President too. What a moment! That's why they call it History, in capitals, because if that's happened, if a totally unknown man has made 75% of 223 million people go and vote and believe in a common path, then yes, we can.

But we still have what we have. The same politicians who instead of focusing on what they have to focus on, spend their days throwing bad words at each other like 3rd graders on a school playground. I agree with Max, we also want to dream, we could use an Obama over here too.

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