miércoles, octubre 28, 2009

Till the end of the day!

'Till the end of the day! from jeff hamada on Vimeo.

Aaaah!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it... the memories!! I've been on those slopes. 'Been there, done that', or so they say. And suddenly, my kinestetic memory has gone to overdrive. For a split second I've felt the cold wind on my face, the googles pressed onto my face, the tension in my legs, the soft crackling sound of the snow underneath the board... total freedom.

I want to go back to the snow, I want to tie the bindings, I want to slide down the slopes. I want. I want. I want.

It's been such a long time I'm starting to think it was just this one time in my life when I did that, for fun, for devotion, for whatever reason. And I miss it and I want to have that part of me back, I want to be that person again, who woke up at times I never wake up to go out to the intense cold, to tie a board to her feet and spend the whole day practising a sport, THE sport. I miss that feeling of being at peace with the world, of that link to nature and to my body, of that tug-of-war with my muscles, with my tendons, with balance. I miss that happiness you feel when you finally manage to pass in between those trees, reacting so fast you no longer think with your brain, but with your feet and your legs and your hips.

And yes, this video has reminded me of all that. Thanks, Jeff Hamada.

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