sábado, marzo 20, 2010

30-day Sadhana with Marianne - Committing to your sadhana

The last task I have pending before the journey starts is coming to terms with my own sadhana. As I said, sadhana means commitment, so I need to find my own commitment. What am I willing or ready to take on? The point is trying to stick to it as much as possible so the whole experience is the most fulfilling that could be. So no impossible goals here.

I've decided I want to commit fully, meaning I want to do it for the full 30 days. It doesn't mean I need to be as hardcore as it gets. I just want to do a little bit each day.

I've put a lot of thought into it and that's what my body and mind are asking for. I need to build some character already, no laziness allowed. I need to commit and stick to it. Know that I have something that is mine and that I'm doing for me. It's like a gift to myself. Something I think I really need as I've been quite tough on myself lately.

So yeah... here, battered and abused part of me, this is for you. Hope you like it.


Today's song is Beautiful, by Christina Aguilera.

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