lunes, mayo 03, 2010

Happy Compost Awareness Week!!

So. It's that time of year again. Yes! The time when you proudly show your composting bin to your neighbours and share tips with each other. What? You don't do that? But it's so much fun! And bio-eco-superfriendly. There will be a time in the future when you will be able to fuel your car with composted stuff, kinda like a very cool flux capacitor but without the time-traveling part.

Well, then, I guess I'm going to make my duty to tell you all about composting here.

First, a few facts:

1. Composting bins will give a very cool look to your garden/back yard.
2. If you compost all the stuff that can be composted, you'll have to take the trash out a lot less often.
3. For all of you who think all you touch instantly dies, compost could be a very nice solution as it almost does all the work for you (you'll still have to water the plants).
4. For all of you who think of themselves as green-thumbed people, compost is the ultimate soil enrichener there is.
5. Don't you want to help the environment and start giving back some of the stuff Mother Earth has been giving you? Become a share bear! A green share bear!

Ok, enough with the sillyness! I could tell you how great it is to give a helping hand to the environment. How great you feel when you know you're doing something good. Or how awesomely awesome your plants would turn if you start using your composted stuff on the soil around them. But I think it's better if you see it for yourself. The great guys of have put up a site where you can find all your questions answered, from "what the hell is a composting bin?" to "what on earth can I put on this darn thing?". Yep, it's all there. Read away, my babies, learn, and go make the world a better place.

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