viernes, mayo 06, 2005

Reading Habits in Spain

The first Spanish region, as far as reading habits areconcerned, is Madrid, where a 64% of the population older than 14 considers himself as a regular reader (figures according to the Barómetro de Hábitos de Lectura y Compra de Libros, collected by Precisa Research for the Federación deGramios de Editores de España). Following Madrilians, other regions with high reading habits are La Rioja (61%), Canary Islands (58%), Basque Country (58%), Cantabria (57%), Castilla-León (56%) and Navarra (56%). All those figures arehigher than the national average of 55%, opposite to the 45% who say that never or hardly ever read.
This is what statistics say about how much us Spaniards read. The same statistics that confirm that the Spanish average income is 700€. Obviously if some earn 1,000€ and others make 400€, the average is 700€. Now go and tell the guys who makes 400€ a month if he can make it last like 700€. Anyways, after this little math lesson, I have my say on how much Spaniards read.I've never liked people who doesn't read. It doesn't bother me if they don't read, but they do no good to the world. Let's see, how many times have you been waiting to get in somewhere cause a guy was pulling the freaking door when there was a HUGE sign on it saying "push"?Besides, I worked at FNAC last Christmas; yes, that huge place where cds, books and electronic gadgets are sold. It was pitiful and frustrating to see how people treated books. They left them there, all torn, they drop them and never picked'em up,... jeez! people just don't know what they're missing without reading. They give themselves to the tv, of easy brain ingestion; they drop themselves on the couch and don't bother about their neurons drying out like raisins, their vocab shrinking like wool in hot water, or their imagination reducing to nothing. They buy books in Christmas cause it's fashionable, cause they look good on shelves, even though they never touch them, unless it's to "undust" them.

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