domingo, septiembre 18, 2005

Death by deafness

Dear friends,
If you ever thought living downtown of a major city was cool, right there where you can taste the best the city can offer you, then you're right, although that doesn't necessarily have to be a good thing.
Downtown Madrid is a good place to live in, the whole thing is just cool, but it's not the best place if you want peace and silence or if your chi is all messed up.
This weekend, well today, we've had the pleasure of enjoying hundreds of persons screaming, drinking, smoking and so on right under our windows. That, within a margin, is not the worst. The worst is that they started setting up a stage last thursday at 2:30 a.m. right under our very window and it almost took up the whole square. Today at 11 a.m. they've started checking the sound. They've just ended the thing a while ago though there's still people around. Honestly, if you want to go and throw a street fest, it's ok with me, but they could choose real and nice music. This year it's been bad, but last year was terrible. Why do they only bring bad-sounding, crazed-gay, fat-screechy-girlie bands for this kind of events?
Well, glass of milk, an aspirin and to bed I go.

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