lunes, octubre 31, 2005

Afraid of the killer vacuum cleaner

What a strange thing, fear. I've noticed lately that the cat is scared of almost everything. At the beginning I thought it was only cause she was little, but now I think it's just a matter of her being a scary cat. Although this last point is still to be cleared (I still believe is an alien), it is certain that she LOOKS like a cat.
When we're going out, she doesn't come with us to the front door cause she's scared of shoes. She's scared of people and she gets really scared if they're wearing shoes. She's afraid of the front door. This one time, the Guy who Works So Much took her to the door to say goodbye to me and she peed on him. Sometimes I call her to give her something she normally doesn't eat like french fries, or ham, or asparagus, or whatever, and I have to chase her all over the house cause she gets scared as hell... and I don't know why.
She's also very scared of high or low pitch continuous noises. Of course, she's scared of the washing machine when it starts spinning, even though she gets in it when it's not working just to play or snif around. And she's scared of the vacuum cleaner. The weird thing is, she's not afraid of the blow dryer... odd.
Her ears get all pointy, very stiff, pointing front; her eyes open as if her eyeballs were about to fall off, and her tail gets as big as a Christmas tree (without the balls and all that). The truth is that it's kinda funny, but I still don't understand why she's so scared of some things but not of others. I guess she's not afraid of the things she's used to from when she was little. If not, why would she be scared of the vacuum cleaner but not of the blow dryer? It doesn't make any sense.
Now, imagine that happened to us. Someone who wouldn't be used to the noise of a vacuum cleaner since birth, could die from a heart attack at 35 when he finally made it out on his own, got a vacuum cleaner and turn the damn thing on. It would be so weird that someone couldn't just vacuum... because he's afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
I know now you must think my brain is definitely melting, but put some thought into it...

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