martes, octubre 04, 2005


Today there has been an anular eclipse. Spanish people know it very well because they've been frying us up with the news all week so we knew how to watch it when the time came. The moment was unique because it won't happen again till 2028. The truth is it was awesome.
It's a very weird experience, that of the eclipse, and I'm not surprised ancient peoples thought of it as something bad. As soon as the moon slides over the sun a bit, here on Earth we start having a strange light, like fake light. All animals shut. It was weird walking on the street and not hearing the birds sing.
Then, a bunch of stories can be heard. The moon and the sun never meet, but something happens during eclipses, the moon and the sun kiss, we witness their brief love story.
For me, personally, it's more of a sci-fi kind of story. The sun, the moon and all planets align to spark off some kind of strange phenomenon, the opening of a galactic door to some place unknown to man, to a planet of a solar system with several suns, with different forms of life.
I find it fascinating, at least.
Well, we won't be living for some years that moment in which the moon, the sun and Earth were completely aligned and the moon has given a glimpse of the sun around its rim for a few minutes.
Can you imagine living under an anular eclipse constantly?

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