domingo, enero 08, 2006


Well, as I don't have much free time lately, I've decided to give in to the Internet's foolish things and write my own meme. Maybe you're wondering what that is, but don't you worry, you're about to find out. It's silly...

4 jobs I've had
-My very first job was as a secretary. I was scared as hell (hehe, that's very funny me mentioning it cause it was at a Vicary) cause I didn't even know how to use the phone. I kept charging the wrong amount for like 2 months.
-My second job was as a translator, but it was kind of a mess.
-Then there's the ski school sales job in Canada. That's been the very best, just equal with the one I have right now.
-And, finally, my actual job as a translator. But you all know about this one.

4 movies I can watch over and over
-Let's see. The one movie I've seen like a thousand times is Dead Poets Society. A friend of mine and I watched it till boredom cause we were in love with the whole cast.
-Then, there has to be The Fifth Element. There's when I discovered Milla Jovovich. I think she's hot.
-Finding Nemo. I know the dialogs by heart. I feel soo identified with Dory. My memory is kinda fishy, too.
-And Amelie. I haven't seen it that much, but I love it.

4 places I've lived
-I've lived in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. It's a haven of peace. Still go there to think... and visit my folks, hehehehe.
-Then Salamanca, my home for 4 years, a whole life.
-Whistler, Canada. It sheltered me during the most amazing time in my life. I learnt so much there. Including snowboarding (YEAH!).
-And Madrid, my city, my place. I'll always be here somehow.

4 tv shows I love
-I love CSI, but the true one, CSI Las Vegas. I don't like the other two. I hate Horatio.
-The Tonight show with Jay Leno. It's just become a part of my daily life.
-ER. Good ER.
-And Friends, the one and only, even though it's over now. I keep watching the revivals.

4 places I've vacationed
-Up north of Spain. It's always a good place to go. Satisfaction guaranteed.
-England. It's nice for a while.
-French Britain. With my parents. Lots of rain. Lots of food. Nice people (!!!), being French, that is.
-The Pyrenees. That's where I first saw snow. It's gotta count for something!

4 of my favourite dishes
-Cuban rice. I don't even know if that exists in the English culture. It's white rice with fried eggs, sausages, sometimes fried banana and tomato sauce.
-Lentils. I know this sounds kinda stupid, but it is so. It is a Spanish delicacy.
-Chicken in all its forms.

4 sites I visit daily
-Un geek en Japón
-Un taxi la nuit

4 places I would rather be right now
-On a walk through the streets of Madrid.
-At the beach (up north).
-Snowboarding in Whistler.
-In bed, sleeping.

4 songs I never get tired of listening to
-Cupid de Locke, Smashing Pumpkins.
-Lazy bones, Thicke.
-Soul suckers, Amos Lee.
-Faint, Linkin Park.

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