domingo, enero 13, 2008

Be back

Yes, I'm back.
It seems like forever. And although I'm not even remotely ready to launch the lil' project I started and cause of which I had stopped writing here, I think it's time to come back.
A lot of things have happened since I stopped writing. One of many and maybe the most important of which being that I've been in Canada for two months. Yes, I've gone back to my cherished Canada. This time I haven't gone so far and I've stayed on the East Coast. I've spent two incredible months in Montréal. I want to tell you all about it, but more calmly. Now I'm only gonna leave you with some pics, cause the goal of this post is just to tell you that I'm back and that I'll be posting again. Hopefully, more regularly than before.
Welcome back to my humble home. Kisses and snow for everyone.

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