viernes, octubre 03, 2008

On the United States

We have to admit, as bad as we feel about it, that maybe the American domination of the world is real. Not because they're more powerful, or have more freedom, or are more democratic or anything like that. But because we're more afraid of them.
I still get chills down my spine when I remember that fateful day when Mister Bush decided to invade Irak, whether we liked it or not. But the worst thing is not that he totally ignored the international opinion, but that he had the face to threat us saying "if you agree, you're our friend. If not, you're automatically signed on the Axis of Evil and, if while I invade Irak a bomb happens to fall in your garden... well, you should have thought of that before".
Anyways. One of the things that make me think the States have more power than anyone else is because we all "follow" their elections. You tell me when we have so extensely covered the Russian, Chinese, or almost even the Spanish elections. Here we all know who the candidates are (at least that one is white and old, and the other one is black, skinny and has this really weird name), who have they chosen as their running mates, when will the elections be, that one of them has had to win his candidacy fighting against Hilary Clinton... I mean, we know much more than what we should know about an election that is not ours and in which we cannot participate. Why would that be? some will wonder. Well, really because it does affect the rest of the world the kind of president they have in the States. Indeed. Look how good it's been to have Mister Bush. Now soldiers all around the world have died in Irak or Afghanistan, we all pay through the nose for our gas, and bury our faces in our hands when we see the last appearance of Mister Bush on TV (can he really speak?).
Well, as a citizen of the world that I am, I'm worried about who's going to be the next president of the United States and, if Obama wins, whom many people compares to JFK, I worry he might have the same ending.
The States have had better and worse presidents, like anywhere else, but with Mister Bush they've gone through so much stuff that many people has taken upon themselves to ask people to vote. One of the strangest things is their voting system. It's obvious that with such a huge country our centralised registration system wouldn't work there. It is already chaotic here, so... But what's more surprising for me is the fact that they have to register before each election. If not, you can't vote. Apparently there are a few states that have the "Election Day Registration" option so people go and vote (if that day they wake up and decide to get out of the house), but it's only in 8 states out of 50. Anyways, because of this "if you don't register, you don't vote" thing, a few actors have launched a campaign so people doesn't forget o directly passes on it.

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