sábado, diciembre 13, 2008

Gardening 101

Even though at first the MTWSM refused having plants in the house (why bring dirt into the house intentionally?), there came a time when I thought it was very sad to have a deserted lounge room, and seeing granny's luscious greenhouse didn't help at all. So we started with one plant (known as "the green plant" for some reason, as if the rest weren't green) and then with another one. That was in the other appartment and only because we didn't have room for anything else. As soon as we moved here, I went crazy. I started buying plants and that's when I learnt the first lesson... don't ever put two plant with different characteristics in the same pot. It sounds like common sense, doesn't it? Well, for a complete illiterate regarding plants, if it has leaves and flowers, it's the same. Why would they need different light patterns? Or water needs? Anyways, in my defense I'll say only those two plants died.
A little while after that, my mom gave me a Swedish ivy plant and told me it needed no specific care, that I could water it whenever I remembered. And it certainly grew beautiful with just a little bit of watering. But then one day it hailed so hard it seemed the sky was going to fall down (the gauls would have fleed in terror) and the poor Swedish ivy ended up with just one stem and half a leaf. Today's still recovering, but little by little it's getting its past lushness back.
And at the end of the summer I bought two hortensias. We've always loved those plants, maybe because they remind us of the north and they make it seem like the air smells like the sea and barbeque sardines, with salt and lemon and... what was I talking about? Oh, yes! Plants.
Thing is this winter is being a little weird, it's raining more than usual in Madrid and even though it's cold, it is not the coldest winter we've ever had. So the hortensia we have in the office window has gotten this beautiful.
It's so nice to see it like that, even if it's from inside... Some experts have suggested we put them inside for the winter or they will die, but I feel they wouldn't be well inside with the heating and dryness when they could be outside, breathing fresh air and having the sunlight directly on them. But oh, well, I call out to all mothers and gardeners of the world. We admit suggestions and advice for total beginners on gardening.

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