lunes, marzo 22, 2010

30-day Sadhana with Marianne - Day 1

Today my sadhana started!! There were no fireworks, but I definitely felt it work.

Today was more about showing up on the mat and having a feel of the practice than anything else. Now I know what I'm up for and I think that concentrating on my 'Earth and Fire' routine (cool name, huh?), I will find that the poses take me to that place I'm trying to go to.

At the beginning I thought it wasn't hard enough, just comparing it to the 'Power yoga' thing I was doing before. But then the purpose is different, and one thing doesn't exclude the other. I mean, this routine takes me inward, more to a place where I can feel my body gently opening and enjoying the practice, kind of like getting to know where my muscles are again and how far they'd be willing to go. Then I can also do the other practice, but that doesn't let me turn inwards because I'm more concentrated on not dying and on not stretching to the point where something breaks. Well, it's not THAT bad, but the pace is faster and I don't know how to keep the breaths on time that fast yet.

Anyways. I'm happy I started this. I'm proud of myself for not wussing out. And I really, really think this will turn up great.

Thank you, Marianne, this was a great idea!

Today's song is Cualquier otra parte, by Dorian.

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