martes, marzo 23, 2010

30-day Sadhana with Marianne - Day 3

So! Three days in a row... who would have thought? And the best part is that it already feels like I've been doing this all my life. I get up and I practice yoga. Because that's what I do.

Another thing I had to do today and I hadn't realized it could happen was letting go of the outside world. I think I tend to stress over things a little bit and it's no different during yoga. It's just that the previous days I was calmer so I could focus on the practice. But today I had to concentrate on not thinking about the phone call or the thing I had to do after. And it's been surprisingly easy. I've decided this is MY time and when those thoughts of things I had to do after started to appear, I just pushed them to the side. There's absolutely nothing so important that can't wait 30 minutes. That's been really invigorating, actually. I felt mighty.

I'm still working on my poses. I have no problems with most of them, but the pigeon pose, for example, is causing me trouble. I can do it and postrate all the way to the floor without unbalancing my hips or forcing anything too much. But I can only hold it for so long before I start feeling pins and needles on my calf and foot (the folded under ones). So maybe I should be stretching my calves for a little longer? I have to ask Marianne. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Today's song is That time, by Regina Spektor.

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