jueves, marzo 25, 2010

30-day Sadhana with Marianne - Day 4

Today I had to take it easy because yesterday I had the brilliant idea of going for a jog. For the first time in my life. And I did 2.5 km. Because that's what people who has never run before in their lives go for their first time. But I guess in part was due to the yoga practice. I was feeling so good and energetic I thought I could take it.

So today my thighs were all tight and cramp-y and I decided to take the practice easy. Marianne has told me how many repetitions I can do of each section, or how long I am supposed to hold a pose, or how many repetitions is expected of me to do by the end of the four weeks. So I'm going to step it up one week at a time.

I think I'll lay low for a couple of days and then I'll try to speed up the repetitions I'm already doing. And yeah, so far so good.

One more small thing. At some point I'll have to do it on my own, meaning, without the video, but right now Marianne's voice soothes me and helps me concentrate and remember to keep breathing. And you gotta love the accent!!


Today's song is Blindsided, by Bon Iver.

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