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30-day Sadhana with Marianne - What comes before

I've been reading Marianne's blog for a few months now. I got to it by pure chance, via Chookooloonks' blog, reading the comments to the superpowers forum. The thing is that I fell in love with the spirit it oozes, with the ideas she has and the way she writes about them.

Marianne, among many other things, is a yoga teacher. And I realized that there comes a moment in everybody's life when they feel the need to know themselves better, to connect with their inner self to a higher level, and to balance that with the rest of their lives. At least, that's what's happening to me. Although a few years ago I was totally skeptical of the possible qualities yoga could have, not too long ago I reconnected with the practice and started to get the gist of it. Clearly, there's a time for everything.

The thing is that Marianne proposed a 30-day sadhana on her blog. Sadhana means commitment, so this sadhana will be the commitment to practice yoga every day for 30 days. It may seem stupid, but I think you need to have -at least- a specific will power and conviction to be able to undertake it.

I feel attracted to it for several reasons. Maybe the first one is because it is a challenge, because I know myself and I know that, even though I can be very determined when I put my mind into it, lately I find it difficult to "keep my focus" or to remember why I started doing something specific. I will also do it because I need to focus, I need to find a balance between what I have inside and what is outside. I hope that balance will help me making sense of things and therefore stop feeling this storm inside of me. Maybe, hopefully, it will also help me figure out why I feel this way.

This sadhana starts on Sunday and this week I have one task, which is the sankalpa. I know, it sounds like I'm speaking Chinese or something. But it is just to find a purpose, why I want to do this sadhana. Sankalpa comes down to a sentence that is your purpose. That way, when I feel my strength flicker o when I lose my focus, I'll be able to remind myself why I started doing it.

Ever since I read about the idea of sankalpa I feel like I can apply it to other aspects of my life and maybe turn it into the first step to recover my centre.

In any case, I have decided to take on a double sadhana. Every day for 30 days I will practice my yoga exercises, and every day for those 30 days, I will post my thoughts about it on this blog, kinda like a journal. So make sure you stop by!

Today's song: She's my baby, by Coque Malla.

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